Playshops: The New Way to Learn

Before we can get to know how they help us learn, we need to know what they are. According to the article All Rigor and No Play is No Way to Improve Learning (2015), playshops are a curricular model we developed to encourage playful and collaborative learning; as well as the rigorous learning that the Common … Continue reading Playshops: The New Way to Learn


StoryPark – Bye-Bye Documentation Books

Last week, in our children and technology class, we were introduced to the application HiMama. This week, were given a chance to learn about another documentation app called StoryPark. What I really enjoyed hearing about this app is that it engages and involves families like never before. Along with recording and communicating learning as it … Continue reading StoryPark – Bye-Bye Documentation Books

Twitter chats – A New Way to Professionally Learn

Instead of class, our professor decided to take learning to a new level. We had the opportunity to take part in two twitter chats instead of attending the class. This was an interesting experience for me as I have never used the Twitter chat function before, let alone twitter itself. To execute the chat, we … Continue reading Twitter chats – A New Way to Professionally Learn

HiMama – Technology Integration into Child Care Centres

Steven Bonnay came in to our children and technology class as a guest speaker to introduce us to an application called HiMama.  This app is a substitute for documentation book and sign in/out sheets as it is downloaded onto an iPad for classroom use.  It will revolutionize the way child care centers document in the … Continue reading HiMama – Technology Integration into Child Care Centres

The benefits and Shortcomings of Technology on Children

The first blog post talked about what technology is and how we cannot live without technology since it is everything not created by nature. This blog will talk specifically about new technologies (phones, computers, tablets) and how in today’s society, it nearly impossible to live without it. Technology has played a big role in changing … Continue reading The benefits and Shortcomings of Technology on Children

Professional Development Vs Professional Learning

As mentioned in my earlier post, each generation learns and behaves differently from earlier generations due to their exposure to new technology.  As educators we need to know how to support this change and evolve our teaching techniques to the evolving technology. To do so, we need to make the change from professional development to … Continue reading Professional Development Vs Professional Learning

Tinkering: A Marble Run Experience

According to Tishman (2013), tinkering is a cognitively distinct mode of learning. It encompasses many symptoms or traits such as experimentation, fiddling around, love of process, purposefulness, inventiveness, playfulness. Tinkerers will also exhibit curiosity, engagement, focus, perseverance, thinking-through-doing, pleasure in process, interest-driven skill development, a hacking mindset, functional flexibility, disciplinary boundary-crossing, rapid prototyping, and learning … Continue reading Tinkering: A Marble Run Experience

Generations and Technology

The previous blog post discussed Simon Senik’s view on technology and the millennial generation. He mentions in his video that millennials are addicted to their phone and that there is an imbalance in the way social media and cell phones are used in today’s society. Within the current literature on young people, there is a … Continue reading Generations and Technology

The Impact of Technology on Millennials

My last blog post introduced us to the term technology and its definition. We now know that technology is everything created by humans and not nature. Also, all devices such as phones, tablets, laptops, and TVs fall under the category of new technology, and that technology, pens, chairs, toothbrushes, clothes, is a very important piece … Continue reading The Impact of Technology on Millennials

How Do We Define Technology?

When asked what is technology, the majority of people would first think of devices such as phones, tablets, computers etc. However, that is not the case. You see, many individuals do not recognize and understand that technology is not just devices, rather it’s everything that is created by people and not by the environment. This … Continue reading How Do We Define Technology?