Twitter chats – A New Way to Professionally Learn

Instead of class, our professor decided to take learning to a new level. We had the opportunity to take part in two twitter chats instead of attending the class. This was an interesting experience for me as I have never used the Twitter chat function before, let alone twitter itself. To execute the chat, we went to This particular website was used to simplify the tweeting process by automatically attaching the appointed hashtag, letting you tweet with a group of people about a specific topic without worrying about entering the same hashtag every time. The idea behind twitter chat was to experience professional learning by constructing our own knowledge and being active participants in our learning.

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 9.49.33 PM

One of our chats focused on pedagogical documentation, and the ethical considerations that individuals must undergo in order to take part in this form of record-keeping. This took place on March 8, 2017. Through this twitter chat, we discussed many aspects of documentation and digital documentation. I learned that gathering several forms of data such as photos, videos, audio recordings, and written notes provides individuals with the opportunity to comprehend children’s thinking in order to plan educational experiences accordingly.  I came to the conclusion that eengaging in multiple forms of documentation allows children to be both SEEN and HEARD as active participants. In addition, it allows students to showcase their capabilities!

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 10.21.37 PM

I personally enjoyed the twitter chatting process very much.  Not only did we use social media and technology as tools, we also learned way more than we would have if we had attended a three-hour lecture. Social media really is a powerful tool that educators can use to professional learn and develop. It allowed us to connect with other educators and student and share our thoughts, perspectives and experiences on numerous topics related to child development and education. Using twitter chat is a valuable and practical means of exchanging and sharing ideas, resources, classroom strategies that work through social networking.  (Word Count: 328)


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