HiMama – Technology Integration into Child Care Centres

Steven Bonnay came in to our children and technology class as a guest speaker to introduce us to an application called HiMama.  This app is a substitute for documentation book and sign in/out sheets as it is downloaded onto an iPad for classroom use.  It will revolutionize the way child care centers document in the future because it is all about efficiency. Teachers can spend more time with the children and less time on paperwork. HiMama is easy to work and navigate by all staff members as well as parents even if they feel they are not tech-savvy per say.


An interesting thing about this app is that ECEs can easily input information, even while working in a super busy room. The information entered into the app is then saved and sent to parents as a way of engaging parents into their children’s daily routines. The app has a section for documenting everything. This includes, check in/out times, meals, naps, activities, bathroom, incident reports and so much more.


What I really enjoyed hearing about this app is that it saves time, energy and paper when taking visual documentation. Usually daycare centres have their own camera, they take pictures, transfer it onto a computer and then send the pictures to families by email or print the pictures. With this app. You take the picture and it goes directly to the families by email or directly to the printer, all of those extra steps are cut from the process making this app extremely efficient. Also sometimes parents neglect notes or reminder from the centre on extra clothes or diapers. This app will send parents an email directly asking for items necessary without the trouble of asking parents many times or posting notes on their children’s cubbies.

ELECT is present can be selected when documenting activities however, how does learning happen is not incorporated into this app and I feel that is why a lot of centres do not want to start using it. That, and the fact that it costs money to use it, a small monthly payment per classroom.

In a very busy world, everyone is on their phones and what a better way to communicate with parents than through their phones. This app is part of professional development/professional learning, as educators, we need to evolve with technology to accommodate the children and parents needs. This app will replace the use of paper and pens and help us save time and effort because the future is technology. (Word Count: 425).

All pictures are taken form the Apple Store.


2 thoughts on “HiMama – Technology Integration into Child Care Centres

  1. I really like the fact that you described what the app does and how it works to a certain degree. I also like the fact that you had used some images from the app store for people to be able to see what the application looks like and some of its features. My question would be though, would you use this app as a future educator?


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