How Do We Define Technology?

When asked what is technology, the majority of people would first think of devices such as phones, tablets, computers etc. However, that is not the case. You see, many individuals do not recognize and understand that technology is not just devices, rather it’s everything that is created by people and not by the environment. This means that chairs, sofas, tables, clothing, utensils, and plates are all examples of technology because they are created by humans to resolve difficulties and make our lives easier.





I am currently enrolled in the Early Childhood Studies program at Ryerson University and I am in a course that concentrates on children and technology. On the first week of classes, the professor of this course asked us the same question, what is technology? As expected, the class thought about electronics such as phones, tablets, computers, and TVs. The class was a little confused with this question as the answer seemed a little too obvious. When the professor told us that technology is anything created by people, it really resonated with me because I had never thought about technology as being this. Our professor then asked the class if technology is important to use with babies, toddlers and children. With that definition in mind, my answer was a definite yes. Without technology, children wouldn’t have a house to live in, clothing to make them warm, a crib to sleep, or a bottle for their milk.


I started to realize that technology is everything I used from the moment I woke up to this very moment of me sitting in class. Technology really is everything one uses everyday in life and I couldn’t be more grateful to have it in this current day. So, if technology is an umbrella term that incorporates all human made objects, we can call all devices such as laptops, phones, tablets etc. new technologies to avoid confusion. (Word Count: 321)



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